AUTOsource will use the global resources available to it to find the car that you are looking for. Be it an every day daily-driver, or something special and unique, AUTOsource will work on your behalf to find the perfect car.

This service includes

  1. Undertaking a global search for motor vehicles that are or may be available for sale, employing all of the resources available to AUTOsource International and its Agents
  2. Compilation of a short list of suitable candidates for the client to advise of suitability and selection
  3. Vehicle assessment by appropriately qualified third party vehicle assessors,  conducting detailed inspections of the targeted motor vehicles
  4. The provision of a detailed ‘Pre-purchase Condition Report’ which includes data, information and photographs of the specific motor vehicle, including recommendations and comparisons for selection, to be considered by the client.
  5. Provision of a video of the final target vehicle selected by the client where possible.
  6. Negotiation of the purchase of the motor vehicle with the vendor on behalf of the client, seeking to achieve the best possible purchase price possible.
  7. Facilitation of the electronic payments to complete the purchase direct with the vendor.
  8. Arranging international importation / interstate relocation, including the execution of all domestic regulatory import papers (Australian Federal Government Department of Infrastructure) and international regulatory export papers as required by law in that jurisdiction.
  9. Arranging the domestic Australian Customs Clearance and Import acceptance including quarantine and cleaning facilities.
  10. Provision of valet service on the motor vehicle upon release from Australian Customs prior to delivery to the client.
  11. Arranging the local transportation from AUTOsource International to the client.
  12. Facilitating delivery and hand over of the vehicle to the client.

AUTOsource can search for classic cars, historic cars, super cars, daily drivers, race and rally cars, military vehicles or any vehicle type to your specific requirements.

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